Hire a Professional Press Release Writer

Get help from a PR pro to write your next press release or train your staff in press release writing for future projects.

No time to write your own press release?

I can help!

I’m a seasoned PR professional (15 years) and freelance writer (about 18 years).

I can write or edit your next press release for you. Or you can hire me as a consultant to train you or a member of your staff in the basics of press release writing.


Normally I charge around $300 to write a press release for clients. But I’m offering a special deal for a limited time only for PressReleaseFormat.com visitors (that’s you!).

You can have me write your next press release for just $99! 

Already have a draft and want a pro’s input and edits before you distribute it? I’m happy to help with that too! For press release copyediting, my special rate for PressReleaseFormat.com visitors is just $59.

Want to book some time to chat and have me answer your press release writing questions or train you or your staff to write future releases? You can book a consulting or training session (over the phone in the U.S. or via Skype call) at a rate of $100 per hour (minimum of one hour for consulting services).

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Note: Projects are invoiced via PayPal. You can pay from your PayPal balance, credit or debit card, or electronic check through those invoices. Payments for single releases are due on delivery (not when you distribute the release). Larger projects such as monthly retainers (popular among firms that need help with releases for multiple clients) will require at least a 50% deposit up front.

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