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Press releases look like they should be easy to write, don’t they? And a well-written press release can land your business everything from industry blog coverage to major media pick-ups.

So why not write your press releases yourself? It’s faster. You’ll save money. And you’ll get the exposure and links you’re looking for.


You can indeed write your own press releases — as a business owner, for your employer, or even as a freelance writer taking on press release writing gigs for clients.

And the Press Release Format blog can help!

There are a few key points to getting the most out of press releases, and this blog can help you navigate them. Learn when an angle is really newsworthy enough to deserve media coverage. Learn the proper press release format and writing style. And you’ll even find t

About Jenn

Jenn is an experienced public relations professional, specializing in online PR and PR writing projects (including press release writing).

She has written press releases for over a decade for a wide range of clients including small businesses, marketing & SEO firms, webmasters, artists, authors, and nonprofit organizations.

Jenn has also spent years teaching business owners, freelance writers, and others how to write more effective — and more attention-grabbing — press releases of their own.




Professional Press Release Copywriter

Don’t have time to write your own press releases? Have you tried your hand at DIY press release writing, and realized it’s not for you? Do you want a pro to take a fresh look at your DIY draft before it’s distributed?

Hire Jenn to help you write your next press release.

Need Help Writing Your Next Press Release?

No time to write your own press releases? Want an experienced PR professional to edit your rough press release draft?