Basic Press Release Template

by | Jan 1, 2017

If you need help formatting your press releases, use this basic press release template as a guide. You can also download a .pdf version of this press release template below.


Your Subject Line (NOT Meant to be “Cutesy” & Should Make the News Angle Clear)

This is a summary sharing the essence of your news. Not all distribution sites use this, but I always include it these days for my clients, so they can keep it or remove it depending on their distribution plans. Make it 2-4 sentences at most, though 1-2 is fine in most cases.

City, State (or Country) – Date – This intro paragraph of your press release body should start the “inverted pyramid” we use in press release writing. It’s where you very quickly answer “who, what, when, where, and why?” This is the must-have information.

The inverted pyramid just means you start with the main information first, then other important supporting details or quotes, then less important background info. The idea is to let journalists publish as-is if they want to, where they can simply cut from the back to fit space restrictions when publishing in print. It might sound “old school,” but it’s still a good rule to follow.

“Include a quote from your client or a rep from their company,” said Joe Schmo, lead designer of XYZ Co. “Continue the quote here if it’s more than one sentence, which most will be. I try to pull at least one 2-3 sentence quote from my clients for their releases — sometimes multiple quotes if appropriate.

It’s not uncommon for press releases to fall within the 300-400 word range, so by this point you should be getting into any further background details that are nice for journalists to have, but not absolutely necessary.

About [Company Name]

Here you’ll add a boilerplate paragraph. A few sentences is plenty. This will often stay the same from one release to the next unless figures in it need to be updated or there’s news-specific information you need to add.

For more information about [whatever this news is], please visit [client’s website] or contact [contact person’s name] at [phone number]. ← This line is pretty standard. Don’t try to “pretty it up” with every release. Just use it. If there will be addenda (like attached photos) you can mention that here too.

Contact Info

Contact Name for Client’s Company

Company Name


(This symbol lets the reader know they’ve reached the end of your press release and there isn’t another page to follow.)

Download This Free Press Release Template

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